Posted on: 2015-04-17 by Jericho

I had dream in which me and my brother were standing near the door in the yard(we live in a house) which leads to the street outside.I was holding the handle and my brother was a few steps back. it was night and everything was quiet and I decided to open the door...after I opened it I saw a bunch of people standing there who I didn't know in real life and in the center was a woman (unknown too) which said to me something like ''it won't be that easy...'' and suddenly all of the people with her grabbed my right arm and started pulling me towards them.I tried to push them away, I even tried hitting them but to no avail...after that i opened my eyes and I though that I've woken up but I couldn't control my body and I saw a beautiful ghostly-like set of eyes staring at me. My hands(absolutely no control) tried to reach the eyes while my mouth was mumbling something like ''bleeh,blaah,bleeh''. After a minute or two the eyes disappeared and i woke up completely, sweaty and shaking.