Posted on: 2015-04-20 by Guest

I had a nightmare, I think it's the worst one I've ever had. So yeah, it was at a singing show. My sister had done an act and so had my brother (while my brother can't even sing). Then when the third guy wanted to perform but just before he couf some wild man appeared on the stage from above cutting the performer in two vertically with only a knife. Then the panic broke out. I Dont exactly know how it went but hundreds of wild men with knifes attacked the audience. My sister and brother both got killed. The pain was so real, I was crying so hard about it and this was the realest parr of the drean . But then suddenly I went back to just before the whole happening. That performer got cut in two again. I saved ny sister and grabbed my brother, but he somehow was the size of a doll. And than suddenly we were at our house and it got invaded by hundreds of wild men with knifes stormin at us. I killed one man with a kitchen blade through his heart. We went upstairs but they were coming from every side, nowhere to escape. Then I woke up, realising it was just a dream and glad I was. But the dream has kept haunting, I can