Posted on: 2015-04-22 by EwieCross

Last night i dreamed that i was in as school which was underwater . I was in one of the classrooms and on all the walls was written with black ink the name "Vepar" . Suddenly I started to run towards the corridor of the school and again on all the walls was written that name . After that i woke up scared and my heart was beating fast . I searched on the web that name . And I found out that in demonology, Vepar is a strong Great Duke of Hell .He governs the waters and guides armoured ships laden with ammunition and weapons; he can also make, if requested, the sea rough and stormy, and to appear full of ships. Vepar can make men die in three days by putrefying sores and wounds, causing worms to breed in them, but if requested by the conjurer he can heal them immediately.

EBsomniator on 2015-04-23 said:
This dream is giving you both a warning and showing you a condition of yourself. First, you are we in over your head. Second, you were out of your element. Third, you're not on your own turf. The name Vepar means what you said above and more. Vepar in Serbo-Croation for wild boar. To be in a school and have that name written on the walls means that you are learning the ways of Vepar - ruthless and savage ways. Those ways will not only be destructive to others but to yourself. Would like to discuss this dream with you more.