Posted on: 2015-04-25 by Guest

last night IMD many demons came to attacked me but fortunately for me some persons I did not know and I attacked the demons. Killed them and burn them to ashes. thereafter the strong smell of the burn which makes us to be satisfied that they are all dead. My elder sister started attacking me I was able to resist her. suddenly I saw an innocent child of about 7 coming close to me. My sister calmed me and encourage me to greet this child after greeting this child with my hand a sharp feeling of current went through the hand that is when I understood that child was not and ordinary child and I started fighting back, then sudently I got up from sleep. Pls I will like to know what this dream is all about.

EBsomniator on 2015-04-25 said:
if I were to put your dream in one sentence the interpretation is simply this: The evil you were certain you were rid of will show up through a family member and something that appears innocent that you do not expect. This dream is telling you to look beyond physical appearance when discerning evil EB