Posted on: 2015-04-26 by Guest

I have had this dream go on for years maybe like two to three or so, but there are characters and names and a story line and for some reason there is a weird physical sexual deformity going on in this dream. Basically there is a boy his sister and there mom dad left so they were on there own boy hit thirteen and something happened where he had ended up in the hospital come to find the boy was born with a genetic deformity that makes him make and female with both fully functioning genitals and reproductive organs. Boy stayed home for a few years because of his overwhelming puberty lash outs and that fact that he had a monthly menstrual. Once high school started he was forced to go back to school to be normal but he didn't feel like himself anymore so freshman year he made friends even though he didn't think he would they were old pals from elementary school and he even made enemies as well when the boy turned sixteen his sister graduated and was going to college while her sibling was still in high school with a crush he was nervous to talk to so he played friend they hung out wrestled and did all kinds of boy activities till one day the young boy kissed his friend while they were wrestling and to the young boys demise his friend kissed him back look it's so long I'll have to finish another time sorry folks in a mama and I have baby duty right now I'll finish later