Posted on: 2011-05-24 by greengirl30

Last night I had a dream I was in jail, but it didn't look at all like jail. It looked like a hotel room, but they called it jail in my dream. Also there were two girls they were twins, but one of them didn't look like a human. When she got mad she would turn into some scary monster. When she was happy she would turn into a pretty angel. I remember there was a guy that was trying to get us out. He told us to climb this tall ladder that led to a dark hole. I had forgotten something so I went back to get it. Then I was going to climb the ladder, but it was gone so was everyone else. The hole had disappeared also. The room turn cold and dark I could here a mans voice say my name finally he stopped and I seen a door. I ran to it, but I could catch up to it. It was moving away from me it then disappeared too. Then I woke up.. I want to know what this means..

fangmoonstone on 2013-02-09 said:
Maybe it means you are stuck at a point of your life, (Like in jail) but you know your life could be way worse (that is why the jail looked like a hotel). You know your life could go either way (the evil twin and the angel twin) but you need help to get where you want to be (someone trying to bail you out) someone wants to help you succeed. Yet you lapsed back somehow, took the wrong path in life (Went back to get something) and suddenly found that the things you were going to do to achieve your dreams, were gone! (the ladder and everything was missing) You try hard to get to where you want to be, but it escapes you (the door moving away from you)... It means you want to move forward, but something is holding you back. You have hope though, people want to help you.