Posted on: 2011-05-30 by Guest

i wake up in the passenger seat of a car and im out of it, sound is distant and vision slightly blurred. theres a pale man i dont know driving. i have no control over myself nor can i actually clearly hear myself. i believe i asked the man "whats your name?" or "whats my name?" and he said a name i had never heard before. looked it up turns out to be the angel of death Azrael. the whole time im calm and he begins talking its during the day. it kind of feels like we're on a trip, and like ive known him for a long time. i go back to sleep laying my head back down and then i wake up in the real world...weird.

sleeplessinkc on 2011-06-23 said:
A figure of death in your dream can mean Fear of death, or awareness of your mortality at the moment, Something or someone in real life trying to take something from you (time, attention, energy, focus, or anything physical, emotional, or mental) that you're not prepared to give, An ending or a change in something—such as a phase, project, or relationship or You feeling a sense of doom or a fear of impending failure.