Posted on: 2011-06-21 by crazydreamsddd

Last night I spent my night with the girl of my dreams IMD we were having a great time by the time it was time for her to go she gave me a long tight hug exchanged a few words and she gave me a kiss on the neck and still held on. but when i leaned in to gave her kiss, she told me to kiss her elbow and laughed because she was playing. and i thought it was pretty wierd so i said noo really. then my dream skipped and i over heard her telling her friends that she didnt kiss me because my breath stunk. what doea this dream mean

sleeplessinkc on 2011-06-23 said:
I looked up bad breath in my dream dictionary and it says it can symbolize: Bad will, or expressing negativity or judgments, Incringing on someone else's space or crossing their boundaries, Problems expressing yourself as you would like to or Feeling like others see you differently (more negatively) than you deserve to be seen. Hope this helps!