Posted on: 2011-06-22 by IceUser

Last night there was this crazy storm I could not believe all of the tornadoes that I could see it was really like right out of the movie Twister, I then decided that I would do outside and try to get some video of the storm but when I went outside the house was sucked away and a new and bigger house was set down in place of my house and then I just went back inside IMD

sleeplessinkc on 2011-06-23 said:
Storms scare me whether they are IMD or in real life. I have to say I find it amusing that in your dream you just walked back inside after your house was replaced with a bigger house.

sweetsleep on 2011-06-30 said:
I have done some research on tornadoes because I have dreams about them as well. Tornadoes in dreams symbolize some sort of emotional turmoil or confusion.