Posted on: 2011-06-30 by sweetsleep

Last night I had a flashback type of dream. I dreamed I was playing Rizzo in Grease back in high school again, and it was opening night, but I couldn't remember any of my lines or songs. I started talking about teen pregnancy and drinking, and somehow the chorus behind me came up with a song about drunk pregnant mothers, to make my improvised dialogue tie into the story. Also, the dressing rooms were on stage, so when there was a costume change we had to change our clothes in front of the audience IMD

RadOwl on 2011-07-02 said:
Being on stage in a dream can represent a feeling of exposure or public scrutiny, but I assume you actually played Rizzo in Grease, the tough character with a tender heart, so for you the meaning could be more specific. Forgetting something in front of a crowd is a fear a lot of people have -- especially actors -- as is fear of failure. Are the topics of teen pregnancy and drinking important to you? The chorus backing you up with a song about drunk pregnant mothers is hilarious to picture, and also shows that your dreaming mind agreed with this turn of events. So even though you forgot your lines on opening night, it went along with the plot of the dream. Very interesting... If this was my dream I'd look at areas of life where I'm under scrutiny, because not only does the dream take place on stage, costume changes were in front of the audience. Talk about exposed! Clothes in dreams show a lot about personas: the person one chooses to be in front of other people. So if you dream you're changing costumes in front of an audience, you're likely to be dreaming about an area of your life dealing with how you're seen by other people -- or how you think you're seen. Somehow it all ties back to that improvisation, and to interpret further would require knowing more about your feelings toward teen pregnancy and drinking, and why you would choose that subject. Sounds like an essay topic or something. Are you in college? I ask because for most students, college is a time for "trying on" different personas and finding what fits personally. In high school, most people are too caught up trying to be what their friends or parents want them to be.