Posted on: 2011-07-09 by sleeplessinkc

Last night I had a short dream. I was staring at myself in a mirror. The reflection was not of me presently but of a future me. I was older, wrinkles had begun to line my face, I was dressed casually. The reflection of myself said "Don't Worry" I tried to say something but woke up. I wonder what that meant IMD.

RadOwl on 2011-07-09 said:
To the unconscious, dreaming mind, time does not exist as we know it. So it is possible to see yourself in the future the same as you can see yourself in the past. As your reflection says in the dream there's nothing to worry about with aging; the older version of you is only a different version. I'm in my 40s and can tell you that 20 years ago, the idea of being this "old" was frightening, but now I enjoy getting older and somewhat wiser ;)

fangmoonstone on 2011-09-11 said:
Yeah I think it means your semiconscious was afraid of age; or what could happen, and this dream is telling you not to worry about it.