Posted on: 2011-08-05 by LL

Last night i had a dream about me and a girl i used to have a crush on years ago (we havent talked in a year almost) IMD we started talking again and she gained feelings for me the more we talked the feeling was mutual and then one night we were sitting in my car and she told me and i felt the same way but i told her to hold on, i walked away she took it the wrong way, not realizing i liked her back she jumped off a roof top when i found out i was sad but i seen her the next day she wasnt dead but she was hurt before i could tell her i liked her back i woke up the twist is we really no longer have feelings for each other i think this dream has something to do with my new relationship (?)

racee on 2014-02-09 said:
Had a similar dream before. I interpreted it as for so long I had these feelings that I couldn't express. So in a way I was holding on to this for all those years. Than when I finally found someone who I was actually in a relationship with and there was a strong connection. It was like even though I never was with that first person the feelings were still strong. Somehow there had to be a resolution. Possibly when you two were talking than she told you how she felt than u left could be interpreted how you never told her your feelings, even though you knew what you wanted to say instead you chose to keep quiet. I'm no expert and sometimes dreams are just dreams we always over complicate them. But when we don't find resolution to our feelings they do come out on one way or another later on