Posted on: 2011-10-28 by jmfkiddo

Me, a friend, and an enemy are in a huge palace looking room. on top of two large pillars that were crumbling were two golden statues. I don't remember what the statues looked like. One pillar is larger than the other making one statue look larger. at first I look at the smaller of the two but then somehow I see what my enemy is looking at, which was the larger statue. My friend calls me over and I sprint as fast as I can to to a swinging wall door, Like the ones on scooby doo, before the guy has the chance to attack me. Just as soon as the wall/door swings around, (somehow I knew exactly where it was before my friend called me over) the enemy guy is able to get to and touch the largest of the 2 golden statues. Then everything started to crumble and shake. After that I woke up