Posted on: 2011-11-12 by sanyri

I had a weird and scary dream, I was at home watching a movie then when I saw a cup I had it was full with maggots, I started washing them away with water, so I kept watching the TV and there was this little girl having sex with someone older and I told her to stop that she was only a child, and she got mad. I started feeling some wiggling in my elbow, when I saw it I had a big hole and there were millions of maggots inside my elbow I started pouring water to remove them and every time i saw my elbow there were still some maggots. Than I went outside and it was at night I saw the sky and the clouds started to move really rapidly and turn into black clouds and I run inside the house and started calling every one my families jobs, the media and told them there was a big storm coming , I told them to send everyone to their home for shelter but no one would believe me,