Posted on: 2011-11-14 by Guest

Last night(not! They made me put that)when I was little(around pre-k), I had this dream where I was on this giant checker-board in the middle of space. On the checker-board there were a bunch of giant Jack-in-the-boxes that would pop open every time I got close to one. Whenever one opened a muppet would pop out(Still attached to the box). After a while of me running around scared out of my wits, they started chasing me. Eventually they cornered me, and I ran over the edge of the checker-board. When that happened I woke up, sweating. When I finally got back to sleep, I dreamed that my grandma was picking me up from gymnastics. During a zombie apocalypse... I know what you're thinking, 'This girl is MESSED UP', or,'What is wrong with this girl?', but don't blame me for my freaky mind. Anyways, my grandma was oblivious to the fact that there were zombies trying to eat her(this is a DREAM), so I had to push her all the way to and into the car. Once into the car all the windows were open so I had to close them. While closing them one of the zombies stuck its hand into the window, so it came off when i closed the window. It was about this time that my dad woke me up. The creepiest thing of all is that later that morning I found out that my great-grandfather had died during the night. Can anyone tell me what theses dreams meant? Did they have anything to do with my great-grandfather dieing? Help?IMD