Posted on: 2011-11-18 by Guest

Ok I had a dream that was in this place that everyone goes where they dream and you had to come in and out of a vortex. When I entered it i was walked around inside of this luxurious house and when i walked into one of the hallways it had a fountain in the middle and a big door with all sorts of different colors moving in a circle. When i approached it it basically had something that told me when you dream that's the closest thing to death you come to while living. I walked away from it and back down the hallway and I saw an old high school friend that I was really close to in a wheelchair I tried to greet him and he gave a really dirty look and he told the guy that was pushing him to go the other way. Then I go back up these huge stairs and there was a mirror I walked up to it and saw myself I looked normal like me and I pulled out my iPhone and tried to take a picture but the lighting would move to wherever I was so I couldn't get a good picture with light so I put my phone away and walked back to the vortex so I could wake up. Well when I tried to go back into it it was like rubber and wouldn't let me go through so I laid next to it and my dog and another dog came up to me and started licking my face I played with them for a little and laughed then I entered the vortex backwards and woke up! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS IM FREAKED OUT I MIGHT HAVE THIS DREAM AGAIN!