Posted on: 2012-02-08 by Guest

I was in a complex where me and a group of people were doing tests (maybe endurance and problem solving) I was being thrown around the room by and invisible force and trying to control where I was going and I was thrown into a barbwire fence and it dug into my skin and then I flew back to the other side of the room and I pushed a button which was going to release a giant monster of some kind. I ran back to the group and seen a door so I went and hid in there. It was like a break room and in there was another door with a little window. I looked inside and seen monitors and an asian guy sitting in there and he saw me. He came out to talk with me when one of my group came in to see what I was doing. The asian guy was saying how he was looking for a way for me to get out the testing complex. He was wanting to destroy all the testing complexes in the country (no one knew about them) He said the way out was through a hidden fire escape of which there were only four in all the testing chambers (there were a lot) He said he has known me for years so I apparently have been testing for a long time. I then woke up.