Posted on: 2012-02-15 by wantoshareitail

wantoshareitail part II: The mountain had stopped shaking which was weird because the vibrations stepped up. It started to get really violent now. Still amazing sensation like ur whole body was resonating to it. Felt like every little sliver of time u were connected to the Earth. U could call it a rush. The vibrations got more and more pronounced (all this change happened quickly but takes time to type). Now, I got to thinking I was wrong about danger, that this thing is a continental danger. Then I got to thinking a moment later that this is the end. I still felt great but I wanted to be close to my companions and share their feelings too. My feelings generally became a little darker as soon as the big big (high frequency) shaking got fever pitch. It still felt like a moment of moments - a time to experience nature at it's most awesome but it did feel like it would be over soon.... and then inevitably I woke up. They say you wake up if you're going to die in your dreams. Is it true?