Posted on: 2012-03-08 by Guest

Hi I had this dream were I was in a kind of junk shop and they did tours, don't know what kind of tours, I asked the man behind the counter, are you still doing tours, he said no, we close in ten minutes at 8 o`clock. At that point I woke up and looked at my clock and the time was exactly 07.50, not 1 minute to or 1 minute past, exactly 07.50. Can any one tell me what my dream was trying to tell me. Apart from the fact it was 07.50. Thanks bri.

VKVindicator on 2016-10-19 said:
I always felt that in my sleep I had an internal clock. I always woke up when I wanted to. Weird, but if I wanted to get up at 6, I could.