Posted on: 2015-06-12 by Guest

My dream: Me, Justin (my boyfriend) , my 2 aunts, 3 cousins and a family friend were downtown at this water day festival. The day started off with some baseball and Justin forced me to play with him. So we played and he made fun of me because I messed up like 3 times but overall we had a blast. Then we went walking all around, looking at the festivities and people noticed us from Instagram. Then I took a walk by myself and went down to the dock. They were having a 4k canoe race with seniors rowing the canoes. I went down and started playing with a piano I had saw down there and got bored with it. I jumped on the boat and just looked at it and before i knew it people were on it and it started to move in the water. So the boat road down to another dock and I had no idea where I was. I jumped off into the water and swam over to the dock. There was a white family at the top of the stairs, having a cookout that noticed me. And I was soaking wet, bra and all and a man asked if I needed help. At first I shook my head but then I started crying and walked up to the family and they brought me into their nice house. Then the dad had asked where I was or why I was there and I told him what happened. He had a daughter, my age, but a total bitch. He told her to find me a bathing suit, but she seemed racist and made up excuses as to why she couldn't give me one. Then it was weird, he threatened to take her to prison..idk. Then he went into her room tore everything apart and she went in and found one and came up to me and threw it at me and was like "You better be glad I like you." then I went to the bathroom, and had trouble changing. I tried to turn on my phone but I had no service. Then the scene like flashed to after I got back home that night and I was sitting on my laptop and my parents woke up and brought me these papers, and on it said "Last seen at dock, rambling with piano." And that was my dream.. Weird eh?