Posted on: 2015-07-02 by Guest

Okay so Im at my previous house that I JUST moved out of. The house is of course a little different. My Dad's bros family come to visit from Texas. My Dad and Uncle are in the front yard.....with a buck and a wild horse. Im thinkin what the heck are they doing. So Dad says he wants to show me something funny. I stand far away. They pick up up their shotguns...and freakin shoot the animals heads off. Yeah...I said off. I was thinking something is seriously wrong with my Dad. He claims its a new way of hunting.O.o So I go into the garage and a copperhead is coiled up. My Dad yells ILL GET IT!! Guess what he does. Yup. He shoots his head offff. I just walk away...worried for my Dad. After I pick up the snake remains. I see a guy from Biology my tree with his blonde friend.. so I climb the tree after my Dad says that guy is a killer. I dont know anymore from my dad. The science dude says I have strong legs and wants me to be a part of their club. My vision blurs...I fall out of the tree and wake up.