Posted on: 2015-07-18 by Guest

Last night I was at a fairground in my hometown (in scotland) with a boy I didn't recognise and one of my 4 best friends, my friend was on a ride and I was watching her when suddenly a mass of planes filled the sky and began to drop bombs. Everyone began screaming and running (obviously) and I was filled with fear mostly about my family and friends being safe and not wanting them to be hurt. I don't remember seeing my friend again and I remember being upset about that. I was running for quite a while through feilds and everyone was screaming about the war ( it seemed as if this attack had been somewhat expected). I ended up at this very big house I had never seen before and my grandad was standing infront of this house with a bible in his hand. He was very calm about being outside and vulnerable during this attack which people were being killed by and I was very anxious about getting him to safety. I can't remember much after this but I have 2 questions : Why was I watching my friend on the ride by herself when I myself love roller coasters and there was an empty seat next to her? And why was my grandad of all people there in the middle of this scary situation and why was I so worried about him even when he was so calm? IMD

Equitisbic 2 on 2015-08-01 said:
First the answer to your two questions. Number one: you were not on the roller coaster because the roller coaster signifies a time in your friends life where there was a lot of ups and downs and instability. Probably in her beliefs about spiritual things. Number two:you are so afraid and your grandfather was not because he had a faith that gave him peace. You do not put your confidence in a common faith so you are afraid when the attack comes. Here is an interpretation of your dream: The friends in your dream symbolize people that you have things in common with. The fairground and the rides symbolize Your happy-go-lucky attitude – you just want to have fun. Neither you nor those you're with recognized the attack until it was too late. The airplanes dropping bombs symbolize things you look up to that are intended to destroy you. You and those around you run because you're filled with fear, and rightly so. The big house that your granddad is standing in front of symbolizes the household of faith. Your grandfathers faith keeps him at peace during attacks. The belief system that you have does not offer such peace. Does this make any sense to you at all? Equitis Bic