Posted on: 2015-07-24 by rey

It was early morning around 7am. Imd i was in an airplane it was loading passengers, and then i saw this kid outside the plan near the window seat, he was then escorted in the plane while the plane was taxiing. Me and some other guy was trying to close the door due to the airpressure, after awhile the plane slowed down and stopped near a road crossing, there was a dead body with blood all over the floor below the plane. The kid that we let in then pulled out a gun and demanded someone to volunteer to sacrifice themselves to so call save the other passengers, i dont know why but i volunteered after i raised my hand the kid told me to get off the plane.after i got off i awoken from my dream.

Equitisbic 2 on 2015-08-01 said:
Your dream is telling you this: You are a person of influence, but you are in the early stages of developing that influence. Something young (Think about the age of the kid outside the airplane) is trying to get you out of the position of influence that you naturally have. You would not leave this position of influence willingly so this 'kid' uses your sacrificial nature against you. Have you had this dream a lot?