Posted on: 2015-07-25 by WolfgangBrown

I sit up and look out of my window, instead of seeing a few fields, all i can see is endless, bleak ocean. The sky is grey and the ocean comes right up to the end of our garden, stopping abruptly by the fence. My dad goes fishing out on his boat, when he returns he has brought back a few mutated human-esque fish monsters. Later that night he hosts a barbecue in the garden, i don't attend i just continue watching from my window. The mutated fish he caught, all come to life and murder everyone who attended, i was safe watching from my window. I go back to sleep and the next morning when i look out my window, i see the ocean has risen to engulf the garden and is now reaching just below my window. I look into the murky water and i see a set of open jaws come closer and closer to the surface, aimed in my direction. They don't break the surface, just get very close to it, before suddenly stopping, a slowly sinking back down until i couldn't see them anymore. Then i woke up.

Equitisbic 2 on 2015-07-31 said:
Your dream simply means this: you have been given a position to see into the past. Your father has a habit of bringing things from the murky depths into an area of your family that was intended for intimacy. (intimacy here is talking about a place of peaceful rest where you can be yourself and share openly who you are with your family) Your father is looking for things out of the murky depths to satisfy a hunger and him as well as others he is close to. What is looking to satisfy his hunger will actually destroy him inside. It will do the same to the others with him. You have not partaking in the same activity so you're safe for now. The part of your dream where you go back to sleep and wake up in the waters at your window means that whenever you destroying him is coming after you. The fact that this thing from the depths backs off when it sees you means that you are safe for now. Equitisbic Bic.