Posted on: 2015-09-04 by Guest

Once I had a dream about an evil cigarette chasing me at some sort of forest camp. My friend had provoked the cigarette, which was residing in dead cobra for some strange reason. It reared up menacingly from the cobra's carcass. The two of us took off like lightning. The cigarette started chasing my friend, now aggravated. I ran alongside her, but suddenly the cigarette's attention diverted to me. I started running for my life (Why would somebody want to run from a cigarette?!). No matter how fast I ran, it was always right behind me. I jumped into a murky, shallow pond in which the dead cobra was in and seized a flamethrower. Using the flamethrower, I burnt the cigarette, reducing it to nothing but ashes. I swear that the dream was the weirdest one I've had in a long time.