Posted on: 2015-09-04 by sparrow

So I am in the air and the black stuff from the black Spider man is dragging me down to hell by my feet but I am pleading to heaven to god to forgive me and crying and pleading for him to allow me into heaven. Then god rescues me but only to purgatory. My husband was awake when I awoke from it so I was able to tell him about it before I forgot. Basically you go to hell if you lie but if you lied alot the black stuff covered your mouth and you wouldn't be able to plead to god so my mouth wasn't covered so I was able to plead and was rescued. It was a very vivid dream and I was scared when I awoke and my heart was pounding. I was even too afraid to go to the toilet!

equitisbic on 2015-09-26 said:
This dream should scare you. It means that you are being caught in the web of ouija or new age or some similar supernatural belief and now is the time to ask God to help you get out. You can speak out now but if you wait too long, you will lose that ability.