Posted on: 2015-09-19 by Guest

It was a cold night. I was standing in an alleyway with a girl whose face is familiar. I don't know what's happening but I see her crying. I have a strong urge to hug her for some odd reason and I did. Her tears being soaked up by my shirt as I hug her. I don't know what to say and I don't hear her saying anything either. People come and stare but I don't care. I had an odd feeling in my heart, a feeling of peace and silence. After she cried we just parted ways and didn't say anything to each other,but nonetheless I felt happy and satisfied. This is all I remember.

equitisbic on 2015-09-26 said:
This dream is telling you that you have a gift to help people who need warmth of a human touch and comfort. This woman you are comforting looked familiar to you because you are familiar with what she is going through. Great Dream! If you feel this interpretation has resonated with you please visit my dream blog