Posted on: 2015-11-23 by Guest

This dream is kind of faded in areas, but I wil recall what I can. In the dream, I am a woman, dressed in sort of a glowing gown, I am atop a massive Cliftop, on a road bending and forking high up on this cliff top amongst the clouds, here I am being chased by two creatures, they seem to be after something I have on my possession, suddenly I veer off the cliff and fly down to a beach beneath the overhang of the cliff, at this point I have lost my pursuers , I find a cave opening and enter. Within I find what seems to be an abandoned home, old cabinets and shelves, to the left I find a desk, with a diary. As I open the diary, the first half of it is empty, so I decide to open it from the back, this is where the entry begins, it tells of the First World War, " the First World War is over" , " everyone is dead" . After this the dream cuts off and I wake up, a very weird dream for me and I wish I knew what it meant lol.