Posted on: 2015-11-25 by Rayrayshade

Last night.Three Japanese women sit in the dark. The tallest in the middle. They continually chant in while a storm continues in the background. After what seems like 30 minutes the chanting stops and the two shorter women leave the room. The remaining woman turns to face a dresser in the corner. A little girl with long black hair reveals herself where she had been hiding behind the dresser. The woman says "I know you must have been scared , but tradition requires we have preparations in place when a large storm approaches" The girl walks closer revealing a deformed left arm which she lifts to show her palm, a black hole. " Of course, I can see where it's torn you." long ago a spirit had crawled down her throat and fought her for control. The girl leapt upon the woman and held her down attaching the black hole on her palm to the womans shoulder. She bit the little girls hand. The girls eyes glew yellow and her mouth unhinged to reveal another endless darkness. Thewoman reached up and crushed the girls wrist, twisted,tore it off, and then tossed it aside. Black goopy blood spewed everywhere IMD ,Then i woke up