Posted on: 2015-11-26 by wildneonwolf92

i had a dream about a my parents and me took a ride then they left me or forget about me when i took a walk i then meet some poeple then i was attack i dont remember my attack. but I had scratches on the left side of my body and my face that's how I know I was attacked. Woke up from my attack . then i stayed with some people to wait for my parents to pick me up but the guy was my attacker he locked me in my room and i kicked the window open and climb on the roof these girls saw me and help me down the guy notice and followed me i tired to run to there bathroom he cought my arm and had a knife i strated to scream i mange to steal the knife and throw it at him it stuck in his shoulder and in finally got in to the bathroom and i started to call my parents but they were not picking up so i called my sister and started to scream to call my mom and hung up because the guy started to pound on th door he broke a hole in the door he started to throw stuff at me to gett out but then it got quite so i thought i was safe to come out so i did and i ran i found a lab top and turned it on for some reason and saw a video and it was a crash it was bad and i saw the guy in it he said this is what you get for running away it was my parents car . i turned around and scream he was bhind me he pushed me to the ground and then he was on top of me and then i woke up

PatrikHU on 2015-12-03 said:
I think it's about your relationship with your parents.