Posted on: 2015-12-01 by SpacerxX

I don't catch myself in a dream too often, so the ones I have always leave me hanging. This dream I had today, was one I've never experienced. It was actually, very beautiful. I was with my boyfriend. The dream focused on a Full moon that appeared to have another full moon 50% bigger behind it. Everyone around was in awe. Everybody was outside starring at it. I kept shouting, "Two Moons, there is two moons." It was unbelievably beautiful. People all stood around in what appeared to be a forgotten ancient building of some sort. (it was dark.) Suddenly the moon started to lose its glow. I watched in we, nonetheless. Then body's started to drop, I watched as my boyfriend fell to the ground. In slow motion I saw the moon explode, thought to myself "I'm going to die." then I felt this pain in my body, my body went paralyze and I slowly fell to the ground. Losing sight, losing mind. As if I died. In the dream, it felt like I had literally experienced dying. I felt the pain of losing control, of not being able to move anything or fight in any way. Darkness surrounded me, then I woke up. It was all over. The world had ended in my dream. I've never died in a dream or really ever be injured. Just chased. I can't help but feel like death is coming soon for me or something. But its all silly.