Posted on: 2016-01-02 by Guest

So in the dream I was walking around what looked like a school, I was a student in the 10th grade (in my dream). So I was walking around and I get pulled into class being told I was late, and so as a penalty they put me in this weird white room where the floor is sloped and there is a circular window where students can look inside. One student poped their head in and told me I was ugly then left, another one came in and told me I was fat then left, I didn't bother staying for more insults so I left and started seeing people I used to know. I ran up to each one saying "hey! It's you!" Each one looked at me as if they had no clue who I was, I tried to explain we were freinds at one time but they didn't believe me. So I let it slide and began predicting their lives and slowly but surly they began to come around. We laugh and walk around until all of a sudden I spot something out of the corner of my eye. A white dog, the breed is a mix between a husky and a Shiba inu. I turn to ask them but they are still talking and walking leaving me behind. I turn to the dog and it's facing a small blue window struggling to get through it. I go up to the dog and pet it, it doesn't look at me but stops struggling and sits panting. Trying to see where it's trying to get to and it's pitch black with small puffs of snow falling. Pulling away there is a metal door next to me and the dog, I look around to see if anyone notices it but no one does. I get up and walk to the door the dog following, it begins scratching at the door and I open it to reveal a dark forest covered in snow. Taking one last look behind me I step out and close the door behind me, taking a look at where I came out of. It's a large metal box covered in spots of rust, the dog is with me and begins leading me into the darkness. At first we are just walking but then we are running as if something urgent is happening, the final thing we see is a man dressed in a dark brown coat and dark green pants looking down at something. The white dog stops and waits till the man leaves and then bolts to whatever it was the man was looking at. Going with the dog I can see it was a brown bull dog, covered in ice and wounds but still breathing. Me and the white dog lay next to it trying to warm it up yo somehow save it. But the man comes back and kicks the white dog off yelling "It's dead!" He then grabs Mr by the shoulders trying to pry me off and continues to yell "It's dead! It's dead! It's dead!" For dear life I'm not letting got saying "He's not! He's frozen! He'll really die if we leave him!" All the while the white dog lays down next to the bull dog again whimpering as he tries to warm him up. (Then I wake up)