Posted on: 2016-01-31 by Mariahmedallion

Last night, I had a dream that I was someone else. And that I had met a man whom I had barely known and we were in the mall and I got a blind tattoo meaning I didn't know what it was til it was over and a machine did it on my palm where the back of my thumb is. It was of a man and a woman kissing and some was small and I was so confused I barely remember his face. Then fast forward (it just went to this part in my dream in dreams you don't question how you got anywhere) about 10 years and I had a Down syndrome daughter and something was wrong with my infant son I had no idea where or who the father was. Then my daughter started telling me her brothers bed was cold. They were in the kitchen when I went to investigate. As soon as I entered his apparent room which was huge I felt a chill. His little booster was on the ceiling. Hanging there by nothing. I felt his bed and it moved. I remember thinking there was a presence there. But I had to get back to my kids. But I went into the kitchen...and here's the scary part. They were grown up. And there were other people there. I don't know what I asked but they were talking about a high school and going there (they were talking about a gathering they were adults) and my daughter didn't have down syndrome anymore. But EVERYONE'S eyes were black. Straight black. No white. And after I had asked a question my daughter laughed and said "No then we would have to admit that we were dead." And I started praying in my dream, she was saying NO NO but as soon as I said in Jesus' name amen she grabbed my leg and her eyes turned white and I said JEHOVAH JEHOVAH and she let me go and I woke up. I was so trapped in that dream. This was at a friends house. IMD