Posted on: 2016-02-04 by Guest

In my dream was pretty weird. I was at a football match with my school academy team. We were warming up and getting ready for the match, suddenly one of my friend said he needs help, (I can't remember what he said) It was something to do with weed. I said "I'm sorry, I can't help you." Then he gave me this disappointed look. After he gave me this look everything just went black. I then found myself riding a bicycle in this old neighborhood I used to live in when I was a kid. I rode pass this house, and I saw the people I used to see every single day when I was a kid, I saw them laughing and having fun. I then tried to talk to them but they didn't seem to notice me. The guy that I was talking had a son and he was playing with his son. I tried to speak up louder to let him hear me, but still he ignored. I decided to get back on my bike and just go down the road. There's then this house that I used to hangout every day. The person who owns that house is a girl, we used to play Xbox everyday together, but in my dream I didn't see that girl. I walked into the house, the house seemed abandoned because of the garden, the tree was cut down, the flowers are dead, but the grass was bright green. I opened the door and walked into the house and it just changed into this huge lake. I found myself laying down with this girl I used to like and now she is a good friend of mine. We were laying down on grass next to each other. The sky was getting dark, environment around us was just open space of grass everywhere and a huge lake. We were laying down and talking. We smiled at each other because I can't see her often anymore since she lives in a another country, I was very happy to see her. She then told me something. She had a face like she did something to let me down, like she did something wrong. She then told me, in my dream I couldn't hear what she was saying but after she told me I felt really upset and mad. I then stood up and walked away and everything went black. I woke up again, this time was something different, it wasn't something good anymore, it's not a good memory I used to have when I was a kid. The surrounding was completely dark, only 2 houses in front of me. The ground was just black, so it I was walking on a pitched black floor and surrounding walking towards the house. I had a needle in my hand. I then ran into the first house and started killing people in that house with my needle. (I know it sounds retarded killing someone with a needle) Every time I kill a person when I walk to the other room there would be the person's body that I killed standing around the corner looking at me but the body was pitched black. I could tell it was the person I killed because of the shape of the person's body. I killed 4 people in that house and all those people I killed their soul is following me, I see them as pitched black bodies. I sneaked into the other house to kill them too. I slowly walked in and hid, the person in the house heard my footstep and was walking towards me slowly. Then when he as close enough I rushed out and stab him in the head with my needle. Then after he died, I walked to the next room and around the corner there was the body I killed looking at me. I then woke up from my dream. I was scared of what I did in my dream. I'm not a person that would kill anyone. I got a bit too scared so I looked for some information on the internet to see what it means, but found this website instead, maybe you can at least explain a bit of it for me, so that i feel a but more relieved. Thanks :)