Posted on: 2016-03-23 by Klubnjack

My dream of the night of the 22nd March 2016 Last night in my dream I remember these details: I am with a friend I seem to know for a very long time We are in a very large Jacuzzi with someone else We start fighting over something Me and my friend I seem to know for so long start fighting as if our lives depended We somehow stop fighting and shake hands for peace I get out of this scenery and find myself with my brother and my cousin walking threw a field We reach the town of Berlin and start exploring it We arrive at a underground concert stage with music blasting out, at first it seems empty The people doing the concert seem to be very high on drugs We see lots of corpses on the side of the stage In the song the artists are singing , they say that these corpses are the people who took some LSD and that had so much of a fun time that they died We stay and listen to the concert, it’s amazing, at this point it's getting very crowded Suddenly we get squirted by a sort of black sticky liquid, we soon find out that its the liquefied dead bodies My brother screams shouting that its dangerous We suddenly understand that we will soon get the effects of LSD and that we will reach the same end that all these dead people have reached We make our way out of the concert and start walking to get home We are laughing the way back and having a great time Soon we start feeling the effects and we see our vision as we would normally see it bit with many colors enhanced, and very bright colors We continue walking and we are still in town We arrive at the old part of the town and we see a middle age lady walking by The little street ahead of us is going steeply up and on to a sort of a small bridge We start walking up the small street and arrive on the bridge where we are confronted to a bunch of wild horses coming straight at us My brother and my cousin manage to get pass the bridge in time but I don’t I face this herd of wild horses hurtling straight towards me and see my death But out of no where I see one horse that come straight up to me and stop horizontally protecting me from the other horses I then take my chance and jump on his back and jump to the other side of the bridge where I find my cousin and brother waiting for me We continue walking until we reach the same empty endlessly looking field we were at before Tired, and lost we fall to the ground and die I wake up as a lion in the lion king I see another lion with a scare on his eye getting up among all the other lions sleeping, he is up to something… I get up and follow him… he is walking in this cave among all the other lions sleeping… he finally reaches his target , a turtle sleeping deeply He approaches the turtle and is about to kill it But the turtle already knows what's about to come and opens one eye At this moment the evil lion turns into a small very pure golden marble My body gets disintegrated and my conscience is floating in the cage I see from above the turtle getting up and wilding the golden marble with his hands and making it float slowly to an altar and opens up a secret and sacred tomb where I see many other golden marbles Suddenly my spirit is brutally sucked up in the altar and back in to my body and I wake up among my family surrounding me, My cousin my brother and my aunt, she is very beautiful and seems younger than before. After this I find my self walking with my cousin in the orchard meadow that is just in front of my house, once again I feel my soul dying slowly and my body sinking into the ground as I wake up slowly from my dream. Thanks for reading. Yann