Posted on: 2016-04-22 by KuteKat

I was watching demons rip out souls. I look for safety and go into a light room.I looked out the window and saw a temple with a gold top.Jesus's feet were coming out clouds above it.Then I see jesus. I felt no glory,He said give me your soul.I fell to the floor of weakness and he took my soul.I asked what I have done wrong and that im sorry.He said he doesn't believe in what God does. That's when I knew that he WASN'T Jesus. I got off the bed,There was an open door.I backed away still facing "Jesus" He said whats wrong.I said I don't wan't to be with you.He got up,Face blood red, And backed up towards me. He was angry. I was out the door. He said Well I don't need you anyways.And slammed the door. Then I seen the real jesus. I went to heaven.It was beautiful. FIRST POST!