Posted on: 2016-05-05 by Guest

I had the weirdest dream ever, I was in a super market with my mother, a few moments later we were suddenly in front of an office where I had to get some files? And then there were 2 of the same people talking at the same time, one being the registrar and one just hanging around. I came in and some of my old friends were there one of them was giving cake because it was her birthday, she gave me some cake but when I "put" it in my mouth, I actually tasted something! Then we were suddenly floating on warm ice, it was breaking apart and I went outside the office and came looking for my mother, I couldn't find her but then one of my newer friends was there, he called me but I pretended not to notice him, and then I went back and I talked to him. He said he was getting some files in the office and that he wanted some help, so I helped him, I was just sitting in the corner of the room and my friend was at the registrar, but then everything started falling apart and then I woke up with a dry throat!