Posted on: 2016-11-25 by Guest

Last night, I dream of a haunted mansion. I dream of a big and beautiful mansion who lives a couple who are my close friends in my dream (but never seen them in real life). Then the wife dies. After sometime, the husband went inside the room where the wife dies to get something, but find himself lost and cannot get outside. The exits became different and lead to different rooms. I can see what was happening to him inside as if I were just watching a movie. Then all of a sudden I was already outside the house, in their beautiful garden with some other guests. Then, I the man went outside the house going towards the garden. so I meet him, then ask him, and another girl (a guest). Why do u look like that? (While I was wondering how they got out), because they look like being bitten by insects all over their body and face. and looked shocked. IMD