Posted on: 2012-05-31 by Mixi29

I had at dream that I was sitting at a table with 3 girls one of them was my friend the others I've never met they were all hitting on me and saying dirty things to me . Their were two girls that I actually liked the girl I never met and my friend but what made the dream so weird is that my friend isn't acting like her self she's not the type to hit on me like that or showed signs of liking me plus I don't like her in a romantic way either . what does this dream mean ? What does t

IceUser on 2012-07-12 said:
It might mean that somewhere deep down you might like her that way.

abbybomidable02 on 2015-03-22 said:
I had a dream like that, except I kissed one of my best friends, and she git mad at me....the thing is, I have had feelings for her before, I am 12 yrs old, so i don't really understand it...