Posted on: 2017-04-24 by Rachel_17

Shrek! I was in my room, just watching TV, when all of a sudden the Cool Aid guy came busting through my door. He yelled at me to get in his car. He said “We have to save the world from Adolf raccoon chairman-guy!” Then we drive down the desert road and we pick up Shrek who yells, “I’m an Ogre!” We drive through the woods and find Adolf raccoon Chairman-guy, a raccoon’s head in a wheelchair, and says, “He’s an Ogre!” Shrek jumps out of the car and is running toward the raccoon and punches him in the face and knocks over his wheelchair. Shrek yells, “I’m an Ogre!”. Roses start to bloom, but instead of rose petals, it’s Shrek’s head on them and they all yell, “I’m an Ogre!”