Posted on: 2017-09-17 by EroticFrankfurt

Last night I lay there in my bed not aware of the dream i swirl around in. I hear the sound of a gunshot, so close, Followed by the deathly harrowing screams of a now childless Mother. I try to reach for my phone but am unable as my body is now frozen in fear. I then begin to hear voices drawing closer to my home and see a group of people pass by my window. My phone then begins to light up the room and draws the attention of the group of people. Their eyes turn into peering piercing darkness against my window watching and fuelling my fear. I cannot move, I cannot scream. An unintelligible noise escapes my lips but only as soft as a whisper. I struggle until finally my mind and body realise im in a dream. I immediately make for my door and sprint through my house as everything around me grows darker. I search frantically for any source of light. I try to scream again for anyone but only manage a groan and mumbled sounds of distress. Everything becomes unfathomably dark and cold.