Posted on: 2018-02-15 by mel84

Last night (going through my dream journal so happy to share) ‘1999’ - What Darts I was with my friend Rebecca, it was night time I was at her house, we were talking about hair dyes. We then went to a party where we didn’t know anyone. The guy throwing the party was holding a games night and held 3 darts in his hand filled with a tranquilliser. We sat on the floor in a circle with other guests when the host started throwing darts at people sending them into a deep sleep. I noticed the girl next to me laughing at the dart in her hand before she passed out. Everyone was dropping like flies around me. I then noticed my friend Adam sitting across from me he smiled and thrust a dart at me. I looked down and noticed it sticking in my leg, I felt tired and dizzy and I could see a bright light and all I could hear was the sound of my own breathing. I woke up at the local shopping centre then walked to a house. The scream guy appeared, I was frightened but told myself if I don’t look scared he will spare me. I then heard a scream upstairs and I bolted up to find a girl screaming over her dead bloodied mother. An older woman came in and rolled the deceased over she had been stabbed multiple times. The scream guy appeared out of thin air “you can’t hurt me I have the flowers” the young girl said pulling out a bunch of flowers “wrong flowers he replied and she vanished into thin air. He turned to me “you can’t hurt me because I have the flowers” he laughed “wrong flowers” , “yes but I have this” pulling out some other object (unknown) in shock he disappeared. I woke up back at the party, everyone was awake acting normal. I turned to Rebecca and the host “where are the darts” I asked, they looked at me puzzled “what darts” IMD