Posted on: 2018-02-27 by Jr92

Last night in my dream (warning some weird shit) it started out innocent at my best friends house (robin) we were just hanging out and she decided she wanted to go Walmart. Ps:I’m pregnant so this is prob why the dream is so weird. She decided she wanted to go to Walmart. We were looking for items and she was trying on clothes. All the sudden everything got super hectic and people were freaking out trying to get out and pushing/hitting eachother. We got our as quick and we could and outside it was all the sudden night time. Their were huge vans everywhere, helicopters and police taking people. We jumped a fence and hid in bushes with a lot of other people, those people were saying it’s the government taking people to camps & everyone was terrified. Cops were walking around with flashlights looking for people. This moment felt lik I not lasted forever! There’s so much more detail to the dream but I won’t get into all that. Someone distracted them & we took off running, jumping fences & getting as far as we could til we got to this old ladies house where we hid & explained to her what was going on. I even called my husband to tell him what was going on it felt real some guy was following us and showed up at the house and said he was taking us my friend hit him over the head and we took off again running.mind you this wasn’t a disorted dream world it literally felt like real life. I don’t think it was a lucid dream bc I’ve had them before and it felt so real I didn’t realize I was dreaming. We found a motercycle and took off towards home and we were being followed. They followed us into a building and we tricked them by going out the back exit and finding their black government vehicle that was all souped up. We got in and took off and soon realized th vehicle was probably being tracked so we dumped in & than I woke up. Super weird dream of the government taking over and killing people. I have no idea where any of this came from but if anyone’s good at breaking down dreams please do I’m interested in hearing peoples opinions.