Posted on: 2018-04-13 by Guest

IMD i was in the passenger seat of the car with my current boyfriend, he was talking on the phone with my ex (who is his best friend). After yrs of no interaction w her, she told my BF to tell me hi.. he did, and i wanted to ignore it.. but after hesitation i told him to tell her the same. Does this just mean im not over my ex? A deeper translation would be appreciated. Thanks for the read, namaste

JacobTheTron on 2018-05-04 said:
This dream seems to me that since both your boyfriend and ex where in the same dream together that you have feelings for both. But I would say that you probably have a stronger feeling for your boyfriend as he is physically next to you in the car, while your ex is just a message. My conclusion is that you probably have abstract thoughts/feelings of your ex, which is common among individuals who have recently ended their relationships or were together for an extended period of time. I hope this helps you better understand you dream.