Posted on: 2018-04-15 by Guest

i had a dream my ex called me crying saying “what is it going to take to be with you. she doesnt want me..” (wierd i know) & i couldnt help but to feel happy that he wanted to get back to me, but sad cause he was crying. the dream femt so real i almost thought it was, when i woke up my heart was beating really fast. what can this dream be..

JacobTheTron on 2018-05-04 said:
This dream seems to lead to you probably having abstract thoughts and even emotions towards this particular person or even consciously depending on how recent the breakup was. This seems to me that you still have feelings for this person and that you dislike the thought of him being with someone else besides you. I concluded this from when he said (in your dream) "She doesnt want me". I hope this shades some light into your dream.