Posted on: 2018-05-19 by wokealive201

After I masturbated and slept, I had this weird ass dream that kept me thinking about it.. random I was in the house, and I sticked a mop up my ass, felt going through, randomly, some random ass kids popped up behind my door. WTF I suddenly teleported to this super market, somehow I was at this fruit section. I man was picking out lemons and then the lemons started popping and exploding, then flooded, I freaked out and came across a man who supposed to work on the super market, he was very angry, I asked for helped then he started cussing me out and punching me, and later started the fight, I knocked him out completely. Suddenly, I teleported somewhere at this road, a girl in a car called me and I hopped in, she drove and stopped at this parking lot, got out of the car, she told me this "have you ever done heroin?" I was like, "No wtf that shit can literally fuck up your health". We stopped by at this nightclub and went inside. The lights were purple, there were rooms lead by doors, there were people there too, they all had masks on, one of them are men and women, shit was so creepy they were staring at me, pills were on the floor "drugs", the girl with me finally found a room, I sat on the couches, then a man came from the door, he sat on the couch "staring at the girl", I sat there and watched, and then they started making out, and now my dream became loose.. I woke up in the morning, and I was like WTF WAS I DOING