Posted on: 2018-05-25 by Guest

The first part of the dream was forgettable. Just me doing something at work and then I was with my friends at the movie theater. I was in the movie. Playing a teen who had accidentally hurt a celebrity with some kind of super power (never figured out what it was). I was then transported to a detention facility that had protesters all around it and all I could remember thinking is that I hope they get me out. I ended up inside the facility and Twitch-streamer Ninja was there as a keynote speaker for some reason telling us to live better lives. I got up and walked into another room where someone was singing a song about the moon and someone that I recognized as a famous singer was right next to me and he made me a paper mache moon and it made me cry. He took it back and then recreated it to say the word ‘word’. I then put my head on his shoulder and cried again. Then this woman split open the building with some sort of plasma beam and tried to capture me, but whatever my power was, hurt her and she left. I knew I had to escape, so I did. I went home and started playing video games with my sister when the wall to my bedroom got ripped off and the woman was back trying to kill me. I ended up at the North Pole and somehow killed her there. I went back home and everything was floating, but I didn’t think anything weird of it. The wall was reattached and I was now an 8-year old kid. I was upstairs again when another attack on my house started. My family fought them off, but the last attacker stabbed my mom (who ended up being Penelope Cruz) in the chest with a fire-poker (?) and she fell and i caught her and she told me to give her my tooth. I told her it was my last one (I had more teeth, but it was my last magical one) as I was pulling it out I started to glow. She clutched it in her hands and told me I would never have to worry again. I then told her that even though she was leaving, I could still feel her with me and I cried AGAIN. Then it ended. I feel like this dream has no deep meaning, but I just remember it so well and for some reason feel really attached to it.