Posted on: 2018-06-17 by __rubyy13

Last night a little girl gripped onto my shivering legs, her smile distorted and her eyes, red and piercing. She looked up at me, her glare deep and she said to me in a demonic voice, “I am Satan.” I picked her up and threw her, landing on a boy’s head. She started viciously gnawing on his skin and the boy asked me, “Who is this?” I stared at him, he stared back. His hair was thick and black and his eyes were a deep brown. “She’s my little sister.” I replied, gulping. “Your little sister? She looks like the devil.” He complained trying his hardest to pull her off his head. “What?” I questioned. “I never said she was my sister.” He looked at me curiously. “You puzzle me.” Then he walked away, looking back at me every few seconds. IMD