Posted on: 2018-06-19 by Guest

I just woke up a few minutes ago. 6:35am I had a really bad dream. One of the most vivid I dreams I’d had in a while... We were at my parents house and we were outside, we saw a couple - foxes - coming out of the woods which you never se during the day, not one but two.. so we went to record them but ended up driving back to my parents. We’re in the kitchen watching tv. My aunt Martha just came from Florida with my other two aunts and were visiting. The World Cup was on tv. I was in the kitchen when we started seeing weird alien looking ships extremely close but they started speeding off. We were all astonished by what we had just saw, completely taken back so we run to tell everyone. Breaking news of the games being canceled happened. We recorded what we saw outside the widow and when we go outside running to the front of my parents house from the kitchen - we noticed everyone was outside. Everyone on the block was outside looking up and all of a sudden strange drone, and helicopter-like aircrafts were targeting people through lasers and shooting them. Cars getting in accidents. People running screaming cause they were being targeted, fathers screaming for their kids lives, saying “kathyyyyy your being targeted” and people running across the stress, chaos and panic ensuing. I had sandals on, so I ran inside looking for running shoes, sneakers; to run. I had no kind of shoes, Michael and I ran outside then tried running back inside from the side of the house and I notice he was being laser targeted from above and so was I. So we ran to the backyard through the alley way trying to get back in the house through the back yard and I look back at Michael andwake up.