Posted on: 2018-08-25 by Guest

I used to dream this nightmare when I was small but as I grew up I stopped dreaming about it. I saw a woman sitting on a couch or a chair can´t remember but I think her arms and legs were tied to it. She did not have any expression but I always felt sort of sad and empty watching her. The atmosphere was dark too almost without colours. right next to the woman was a man with pale skin and a black suit. I think he had black hair that were long to his shoulders. I could not see his face. He had an axe and started aggressively hitting the woman with it. however the woman somehow never hurt herself like she didn´t have a single bruise or scratch. i didn´t dream about it because i had bad memories, my childhood was great and my parents did not fight.Now I don´t dream about it but i believe that some people have dreamed about it too. if so, please let me know.